Kim Drooks

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Dawn Dees

CPA and Tax Associate   (919) 872-1260   (919) 670-1214 Direct  

Making Federal and NC Tax Payments Online

When making tax payments to the IRS or to the NC Department of Revenue (NCDOR), paying online is an available option.  Payments for Tax Due with Returns, for Estimated Taxes and for Extensions can be made using this method. To Make A Federal Tax Payment: Go to the IRS website...

Meena Thakur

Accounting Associate – BRG   (919) 872-1260   (919) 516-9835 – Direct

Ryan Christians

CPA and Senior Tax Manager   (919) 872-1260   (919) 516-9955 – Direct   Link up with me.

2018 Form 1099 Process and Reporting Requirements

2019 is just around the corner!  Let’s work together to make it a good start as we prepare for the 1099 filing deadline of January 31st. If we are preparing your 1099s, it is extremely important that we receive your information early.  We cannot begin processing your 1099’s until we...